Terms & condition

our products are Adamscart.com labelled items unless stated otherwise on the product label. The use of this Website and the entire process of placing an order to the point of its delivery are governed by these terms and conditions. By using this Website you indicate that you accept these Terms and Conditions and that you agree to abide by them. The Terms and Conditions specified do not in any manner infringed on your legal rights. Adamscart.com reserves the right to change or modify these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.
1. Payment
1.1 We accept the following mode of payment: Payments through Credit and Debit cards. All products are dispatched to the address of the cardholder, unless otherwise stated by the customer.
1.2 Fulfillments of all orders received by Adamscart.com depends on the availability of stock. In the event that the company fails to entertain your order due unforeseen circumstances, Adamscart.com will refund the cost of the order paid by the customer. Adamscart.com will not be held responsible for any monetary lost the customer has incurred, on account of any order that could not be entertained by us, arising out of the money paid to the company on account of the fulfillment of the order.
2. Shipping
2.1 All orders placed before 1 p.m. will usually be dispatched the same day excluding weekends and holidays. All orders received after 1 p.m. will be dispatched on the next business day. Orders will be dispatched upon receiving of payment and all info required for completion of the order. Customer are free to choose from a multitude of delivery options provided by the company. Selected delivery option cannot be altered once delivery of the product is done.
2.2 We deliver the products to all states of India.
2.3 All information provided by you must be accurate and complete. Adamscart.com cannot be held responsible for inaccurate postal addresses provided by the customer leading to non-receipt of products. Adamscart.com will not be held responsible for any kind of loss suffered by the customer and claim for refund will be entertained under any circumstances.
2.4 The shipping addresses provided by the customer cannot be altered, under no circumstances, once the checkout is complete. Adamscart.com will not be responsible for products shipped to a wrong address given by the customer.
2.5 We do not offer customer order pick-up facility. We only make shipment of all orders.
2.6 We do not give any guarantee for next day delivery of items. The courier services that we are engaged with usually function with a success rate of 98-99%. In the event that the items cannot be delivered the very next day, we will not be in a position to provide a refund of the delivery charges levied for the next day delivery, if the mistake is on the part of the courier service. If it is due to some blatant mistake on our end, Adamscart.com will gladly provide a refund of the delivery charges.
2.7 Delivery of the products may take longer than normal at the times of unfavourable weather condition. Adamscart.com cannot provide refunds of delivery charges in the case of delay in delivery due to unfavourable weather conditions. Nonetheless, we will deliver your items as soon as it is reasonably possible.
3. Warranty
3.1 We offer a warranty on all items sold in this website unless specified otherwise.
3.2 The warranty period starts from the date of purchase rather than the date of delivery of the items. Under no circumstances, will a replacement product extend or restart the warranty period. However, this clause does not affect your statutory rights.
3.3 The warranty does not cover laptops that are used with the items. Adamscart.com cannot be held responsible for misuse or improper usage of our items.
3.4 Your warranty will be void in the case the products are found to be tampered with, repaired and/or modified in any manner. In such cases, the customer will bear the cost of shipping and repairing of the item.
3.5 The warranty also does not cover; unintentional damage caused to the product, tempering with the warranty sticker, or failure to abide by the manufacturers terms of usage.
3.6 You understand that we cannot be held responsible for lost / damage / corruption of any data in the event of breakdown of the supplied product or during repair or replacement of this product as per our terms of warranty. It is your responsibility to backup all existing data.
4. Ordering Policy
4.1 We can rightfully refuse orders of any item at any point of time at our discretion after accessing your order for any cause. In case of payment already made, a refund will be given to the debit/credit card or any mode of payment used for placing the order.
4.2 Prior to processing and shipping of the orders, we may ask you for extra information wherever it is deemed necessary.
5. Returns Policy
5.1 In case you change your mind or you are not satisfied with our product, you have the right to return the order. We will accept all returns made within 14 days from the date of purchase. All products must be returned in its original condition and packaging.
5.2 All refunds will be made through the mode by which the payment was accessed by us. You are responsible for the cost of shipping & handling the returned items. In case the products are found defective, we will bear the return shipping cost.
5.3 All goods found defective must be returned to the company within its warranty period for replacement
5.4 Please keep in touch with us prior to return of any product. We will promptly email you along with a Returns Advice Form. This should be duly filled in by you and sent back to us along with the product to be returned. Also, you should include your order/invoice number.
5.5 Unauthorised returns, items sent back without all required details are contradictory to the Company’s terms of returns. In such cases, no exchange or refund will be entertained.
5.6 You are responsible for the secure return of the product. In the event the returned product failed to reach us, you are to provide the company a proof of postage.
5.7 We cannot be held responsible for returned items lost in postal transit. The customer will bear the cost incurred in such events.
5.8 A 20% restocking fee is chargeable by the company in the case of cancellations and returns. In the event that you received the wrong laptop parts, we can exchange out for the correct laptop parts for no fee.
6. Miscellaneous
6.1 All goods listed for sale through this website are not produced by or accessible for sale with the approval of the manufacturers of the computers with which the items may be put to use. Our website is neither connected with nor licensed by, certified by, vendor to, affiliated in any manner with these manufacturers of computers.
6.2 You understand that our website, sales representatives, its directors or other personnel are not responsible for harm arising from the use or the content of this website. Also, you give your consent that this restriction of liability is including or considering all elements or aspects and is applicable to all losses in any form, including but not limited to without restriction direct, indirect, special, compensatory, penalizing, transient and subsequent damages.
6.3 Adamscart.com is not liable for, or reimburses any subsequent damages emerging from late delivery of goods or failure of items. We suggest that you backup all data is on a customary or continual basis.
6.4 Adamscart.com is not liable for any damages caused to laptops and/or other electronics from the use any of the products we sell. Adamscart.com is also not liable for any physical damages caused from the use any of the products.
All Disputes are subjected to Greater Noida Jurisdiction only