Laptop Bottom Case Fits Below Laptop Models
HP 15-G200
HP 15-G200NA
HP 15-G200NE
HP 15-G200NH
HP 15-G200NP
HP 15-G200NQ
HP 15-G200NT
HP 15-G200NV
HP 15-G200UR
HP 15-G201AU
HP 15-G201AX
HP 15-G201NF
HP 15-G201NH
HP 15-G201NP
HP 15-G201NQ
HP 15-G201NT
HP 15-G201NX
HP 15-G202AU
HP 15-G202AX
HP 15-G202NE
HP 15-G202NG
HP 15-G202NL
HP 15-G202NP
HP 15-G202NT
HP 15-G202UR
HP 15-G203AU
HP 15-G203AX
HP 15-G203NE
HP 15-G203NL
HP 15-G203NP
HP 15-G203UR
HP 15-G204AU
HP 15-G204AX
HP 15-G204NE
HP 15-G204NG
HP 15-G204NV
HP 15-G204UR
HP 15-G205AU
HP 15-G205AX
HP 15-G205NC
HP 15-G205NG
HP 15-G205NM
HP 15-G205UR
HP 15-G206AU
HP 15-G206AX
HP 15-G206NF
HP 15-G206NG
HP 15-G206NM
HP 15-G206NT
HP 15-G206UR
HP 15-G207AU
HP 15-G207AX
HP 15-G207NC
HP 15-G207NG
HP 15-G207NL
HP 15-G208AU
HP 15-G208AX
HP 15-G208NC
HP 15-G208UR
HP 15-G209AU
HP 15-G209AX
HP 15-G209NC
HP 15-G209NL
HP 15-G209NR
HP 15-G210AU
HP 15-G210AX
HP 15-G210NC
HP 15-G210NL
HP 15-G210NR
HP 15-G211AU
HP 15-G211DX
HP 15-G211LA
HP 15-G211NC
HP 15-G211NF
HP 15-G212AU
HP 15-G212DX
HP 15-G212LA
HP 15-G212NC
HP 15-G212NF
HP 15-G212NL
HP 15-G213AU
HP 15-G213LA
HP 15-G213UR
HP 15-G214AU
HP 15-G214UR
HP 15-G215AU
HP 15-G215NF
HP 15-G216AU
HP 15-G216NL
HP 15-G217AU
HP 15-G217NF
HP 15-G218AU
HP 15-G219AU
HP 15-G219NL
HP 15-G220AU
HP 15-G220CA
HP 15-G220NF
HP 15-G220NL
HP 15-G220NR
HP 15-G221AU
HP 15-G221CA
HP 15-G221ND
HP 15-G221NF
HP 15-G222AU
HP 15-G222CA
HP 15-G222NG
HP 15-G223AU
HP 15-G223NG
HP 15-G223NL
HP 15-G224AU
HP 15-G224NG
HP 15-G224NL
HP 15-G225AU
HP 15-G225NF
HP 15-G226AU
HP 15-G226NF
HP 15-G226NL
HP 15-G227AU
HP 15-G227CA

HP 15-G227DS
HP 15-G227NF
HP 15-G227WM
HP 15-G228DS
HP 15-G228NF
HP 15-G229DS
HP 15-G229NF
HP 15-G229UR
HP 15-G230DS
HP 15-G230ND
HP 15-G230NG
HP 15-G231DS
HP 15-G231NG
HP 15-G232DS
HP 15-G235NB
HP 15-G235NW
HP 15-G236NF
HP 15-G238NF
HP 15-G243NF
HP 15-G245NF
HP 15-G245NW
HP 15-G246NF
HP 15-G247CA
HP 15-G249CA
HP 15-G249NF
HP 15-G253NO
HP 15-G254NF
HP 15-G254NO
HP 15-G255NA
HP 15-G255NF
HP 15-G255NO
HP 15-G255SA
HP 15-G256NA
HP 15-G256NF
HP 15-G256NO
HP 15-G258NO
HP 15-G259NA
HP 15-G259NO
HP 15-G259SA
HP 15-G260NA
HP 15-G260NO
HP 15-G260NR
HP 15-G260SA
HP 15-G261CA
HP 15-G261NA
HP 15-G261SA
HP 15-G262NO
HP 15-G263NO
HP 15-G264NO
HP 15-G271NR
HP 15-G273NR
HP 15-G274NR
HP 15-G275NR
HP 15-G276NR
HP 15-G277NR
HP 15-G280NG
HP 15-G286ND
HP 15-G291NG
HP 15-G317CL

Condition New
Product Type
Replacement | Compatible
Brand Generic
In The Box Laptop Bottom Case 1 pc 
Screws are not included
Product Warranty
Warranty Summary
           1 Month Warranty on Manufacturing Defects
Warranty Service Type      Replacement or Repair Carry in Warranty
Warranty Type                    Seller Warranty
Covered in Warranty          Warranty of the Product is Limited to Failure and Manufacturing Defects
Not Covered in Warranty    Defects due to External Causes, Accidental, Physical Damage, Cut, Burnt, Misuse and Missing Warranty Stickers or Labels
Important Information
Do not buy only based on part numbers. Parts numbers can be similar with different Bottom Case model series.
Part number used in the title is only for reference. Actual product may have different part number.
Payment will be refunded if the product is out of stock. All order placed before cut off time will be dispatched on the same day.
Physically damaged items will not be replaced or refunded. Make sure your delivery address is complete with pin code & contact number
Item is NOT "Original"

Laptop Bottom base is Knows as D Cover or Laptop Bottom Chassis Assembly Laptop Lower Case. We sell Laptop Bottom Lower Cover case is of High Quality and best price available Online so if your Old Laptop Bottom base is broken or damage then you just need buy it online. Each laptop takes different type of Bottom Base as it depends on HDMI ports or USB ports. You need to check and compare before buying new one as Laptop Bottom Base are not interchangeable. We use 100% Secure and safe packaging to avoid any damage. 

Please compare your Bottom Base to the one pictured above
There are several different Bottom Base cover that are used within these models
We will not be accountable or liable for any misuse, damage, incorrect installation on your unit.

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