Laptop Keyboard Fits Below Laptop Models

W530 2436
W530 2438
W530 2438-2HU
W530 2438-2JU
W530 2438-2KU
W530 2438-2LU
W530 2438-2MU
W530 2438-38U
W530 2438-39U
W530 2438-3AU
W530 2438-3BU
W530 2438-4BU
W530 2438-4CU
W530 2438-4EG
W530 2438-4FG
W530 2438-4GG
W530 2438-4KU
W530 2438-4LU
W530 2438-4ZU
W530 2438-52U
W530 2438-56U
W530 2438-57U
W530 2438-58U
W530 2438-59U
W530 2438-5AU
W530 2438-5CU
W530 2438-5DU
W530 2438-5EU
W530 2438-5FU
W530 2438-5GU
W530 2438-5HU
W530 2438-5JU
W530 2438-5XU
W530 2438-5YU
W530 2438-5ZU
W530 2438-62U
W530 2439
W530 2441
W530 2441-22G
W530 2441-22U
W530 2441-23G

W530 2441-23U
W530 2441-2GU
W530 2441-36U
W530 2441-37U
W530 2441-3SG
W530 2441-3SU
W530 2441-3TG
W530 2441-3TU
W530 2441-45G
W530 2441-45U
W530 2441-46G
W530 2441-46U
W530 2441-5BU
W530 2441-5CU
W530 2441-5DU
W530 2441-5EU
W530 2441-5PU
W530 2441-5QG
W530 2441-5QU
W530 2441-5RG
W530 2441-5RU
W530 2441-5SU
W530 2447
W530 2447-22G
W530 2447-22U
W530 2447-23G
W530 2447-23U
W530 2447-29G
W530 2447-2AG
W530 2447-2BG
W530 2447-2EG
W530 2447-2SU
W530 2447-2TU
W530 2447-3SG
W530 2447-3SU
W530 2447-3TG
W530 2447-3TU
W530 2447-3ZG
W530 2447-42G
W530 2447-43G
W530 2447-44G
W530 2447-45G

W530 2447-45U
W530 2447-46G
W530 2447-46U
W530 2447-47G
W530 2447-48G
W530 2447-49G
W530 2447-4AG
W530 2447-4BG
W530 2447-4CG
W530 2447-4DG
W530 2447-4EG
W530 2447-4GG
W530 2447-4HG
W530 2447-4JG
W530 2447-4KG
W530 2447-4LG
W530 2447-4MG
W530 2447-4WU
W530 2447-4XU
W530 2447-4YU
W530 2447-4ZU
W530 2447-52U
W530 2447-54G
W530 2447-57G
W530 2447-58G
W530 2447-59G
W530 2447-5FG
W530 2447-5FU
W530 2447-5GG
W530 2447-5GU
W530 2447-5HG
W530 2447-5HU
W530 2447-5JG
W530 2447-5JU
W530 2447-5KG
W530 2447-5KU
W530 2447-5LG
W530 2447-5MG
W530 2449
W530 2463

Condition New
Product Type
Replacement | Compatible
Brand Generic
Keyboard Type Standard
Screws Not Included
Frame Not Included
Layout English
Connectivity Wired | Ribbon
Interface Ribbon
Colour Black 
In The Box Laptop Keyboard 1 pc 
Product Warranty
Warranty Summary
           3 Months Warranty on Manufacturing Defects
Warranty Service Type     Replacement or Repair Carry in Warranty
Warranty Type                   Seller Warranty
Covered in Warranty         Warranty of the Product is Limited to Failure and Manufacturing Defects
Not Covered in Warranty    Defects due to External Causes, Accidental, Physical Damage, Cut, Burnt, Misuse and Missing Warranty Stickers or Labels

Important Information
Do not buy only based on part numbers. Parts numbers can be similar with different Keyboard model series.
Part number used in the title is only for reference. Actual product may have different part number.
Payment will be refunded if the product is out of stock. All order placed before cut off time will be dispatched on the same day.
Physically damaged items will not be replaced or refunded. Make sure your delivery address is complete with pin code & contact number
Item is NOT "Original"


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